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The Duality Of Man: Angels And Demons

A Series On Humanity's Nature, Our Motivations, Our Flaws and How These Manifest In Our Lives Part One: The Jungian Thing The essence of the duality of man is conatained in the statement: All of humanity has the propensity and... Continue Reading →

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In God We Lust

A relationship with a god is a toxic one.

America The Dutiful

For all our bluster and bragging about our place in the world what we really are is a nation of poor people ruled by rich people...

Angry Atheists And The Age Of Infomation

The Rock Paradox One of my oldest and best friends once told me, when we were speaking of god, "Can god create a rock even he can't lift?" He was the first other atheist I'd ever met and that question... Continue Reading →

The Monopoly On Morality

If we're to survive, as a whole, we must lay down the hatreds of old and embrace each other.

Of Gods And Men

The phrase "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" was first said by a priest but really the road to hell was paved, and created by religion.

There are good Christians, and then there are assholes

No matter how you see the world, killing people because they disagree with you is wrong.


Are we too lenient with the atheist of today?

If you think that death is appropriate for anyone that thinks differently to yourself, you are the one the world can do without.

Are we too lenient with religious extremists? Yes. But I would rather no one was being executed for any reason whatsoever.

Where does such religious anger come from?!

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An Open Door And A Helping Hand

I want people to be curious and wonder why I say the things I do. If you hate what I've said, tell me.

Finding the Wrong Answers

If you take nothing else away from this post please understand that I hold my ideologies not because I hate god or you but because I have eliminated religion and god as viable answers.

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