The Virgin Mind


The idea of god is built around vagaries but his so-called commands, his books and his — I use this in only the loosest of terms — teachings, are rather explicit concerning somethings. It is often stated by many a religious person that god works in mysterious ways while simultaneously asserting that they know exactly what god wants. This of course varies from person to person, religion to religion, and like all good vague appeals to interstellar all-powerful authority, time to time, or more presently, moment to moment. Essentially, god can do whatever the speaker says he does because the same book that says god exists also says he’s all-powerful. It is the convenient confusion of evidence versus claim.

In terms of history the concept of god has fumbled along picking up fallacy, dogma, tribalism, supremacy and violent tendencies. This is called religion. The book(s) I referred to earlier are fairly detailed instruction manuals on how god would like you to live. They are given many titles, god’s word, The Good Book, the holy word of god and so on but what they really are is religious texts, mythological claims about god, which I will refer to here as holy books.

To say that is hard to understand the idea of god is akin to saying it is hard to understand the human mind itself. God(s) is the ever-changing, all-encompassing, catch-all for the errors of human thinking. God is mans oldest pattern recognition error, it is just simply a bad explanation for hard to explain things but religion is the true danger. Invading and corrupting everything it touches, it seeps its toxic fingers even into our most private and intimate moments. Sex and love.

Belief in god alone takes on an almost benign nature but there is a reason we still remove benign tumors. The belief in god can devolve into a lathering beast lashing out whenever it doesn’t have control or is questioned. Religion reinforces the already bad idea of god and gives it consequences, tribalism and insecurity. It tears apart our lives and provides unnecessary provocation for division and bloodshed. Much like the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet, when religion meets god chaos ensues. But unlike Romeo and Juliet’s deaths the ideas of god and religion live on twisting and poisoning everything they touch. Religion, with its indoctrination, is the romantic tale of the rape of the human mind, condemning it to a fate of sexual dysfunction and abuse.


 Be Gentle


It is easy to say that religion wears a mask of peace while simultaneously encouraging war, murder, misogyny and empire building. But how does it wield this power without retaliation or being discarded alongside ideas like fascism? Simply by telling people that their problems, flaws, and differences, when not dealt with using a holy book, can result in their damnation in the eyes of a god who created them that way.

Check out a pretty girl? Sinner. Check out a pretty guy? Sinner. That last is particularly troublesome for some religions.

A woman looking at a man with lust, or worse a man looking at a man with lust, can result in death even if said look was only perceived. Yes, that’s right, religion doesn’t like faggots and women fucking or interfering in their business because they’re different. And who could blame them, what with all their frilly dresses and pageantry why would one want a woman or a homosexual around?

Religion creates the problem and sells the solution while simultaneously playing on fears and prejudices. It goes much further than alienating groups of people though, it causes deep internal conflict that reaches out and touches the life of not only the believer but everyone who knows that person. Religion often scars us for life, sometimes leaving wounds that never heal.

How many rape victims put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger screaming “Why god? Why?” How many gay men have slowly slid a razor down their arms asking the same question? How many suicides happened to young alter boys molested by a man who they were told was a not only trustworthy but a man of god? For some it is the desertion of god and for others it wondering why a god who hates him so would create him.

This apparent lack of concern from god causes people to worry endlessly about the decisions of god affecting their life. “What have I done to either appease or anger god?” The guilt born of religion is suffocating because we cheat all the time. We tell god, “ok no sex before marriage,” but that one night, at a party, we’ve broken some rules, we’re a little drunk, so we ask ourselves whats the harm in breaking others? Whether there is consequence for any of that behavior doesn’t matter because God knows, and few escape his wrath. So we worry and we stress.

Men on the subject of virginity tend to get a free pass but if you masturbate or touch a penis other than your own, except for medical purposes, you’re fucked. Women are told to guard their virginity but men try everything to take it from them and when they do they’re called whores. We heap shame and scorn on any woman fooled into to admitting she enjoys sex while men live in an endless parade of porn, pussy and disposable people. 

Religion causes us to shame each other for our most primal and important instinct. How prude are we when we cannot explain the simple act of reproduction? Think of the taboo sex actually has. You can think about it, talk about, joke about it, film jokes about it, use it to sell burgers but the moment actual sex happens in public view people can’t help call it down. NC-17, XXX, Over 18 Only, and prostitution illegal. God would have you be fruitful and multiply but strike you down for using PornHub. God is the ultimate cock block.


I Need Some Time To Think


God is thoughtlessly, forcibly, and lubelessly inserted into our lives, always impeding and opposing any rational attempt at life. When a single idea is the answer to all your ills than your answer is what ails you. That is to say when one believes a single thing, faith, is the answer to all questions, one is trapped in a loop of failure. We do not live in a world where one belief or another results in a happy life, no matter what religion says, because were that true the results would be apparent. There truly would be one religion.

We know this isn’t true though, there have been competing theologies since the beginning of time. In response to this many have bent the rules and beliefs of religion to suit the scenario. This idea is embodied by the group Alcoholic Anonymous, a group that rather proudly promotes the idea of a higher power, even going so far as to say and I quote “Pray to your doorknob.” A statement so close to “just make shit up” it’s incredible AA has lasted as long as it has.

Imagine how many alcoholics begged of the heavens, pleading for god to just end it, even with death. Their prayers always answered. How many have taken their lives or simply accepted the alcoholic death? Yet the answer remains the same, more god. Get closer to god, find god, seek god, speak to god daily, “What Would Jesus Do?” And the worst one of them all, the ultimate narcissistic masturbatory aid, “A Relationship With God.”

Having a relationship with god is exceptional marketing, the ultimate work of good advertising and it excels at spreading the Christian agenda as no other can. It has a romance in its simplicity and its wording. You, personally, get to speak to god. You lucky motherfucker. That means your words come from on high and you have every right to be a sanctimonious, condescending, swine. Because why wouldn’t you be right? Why wouldn’t you be going to heaven? You’re gods pal, he loves you. Look, it says so right here in this holy book.

This brings us to the other part of the pitch, love. God is perfect, his love is perfect, you’re made in his image so of course you’re perfect too. You have no flaws and if you do god doesn’t mind, he loves you now and forever. Unless you’re a disobedient slave, a woman, a non-believer, a witch, polytheistic (pagan), an adulterer, gay, having sex with a woman on her period and a few other things.

For religion and god, sex and love is not personal intimacy between consenting adults, it is something to be drug out into the public square to be shamed, mocked and beaten. The entirety of all aspects of every relationship is the domain of god and by extension religion. Which is why we have marriage, it too is an extension of religion bending society to its approval. White dresses symbolize purity in the sexual sense. Flowers are the plant’s sex organs. It is all pageantry invented to hide religion’s control of our lives.

They, god and religions, are the ultimate codependent. They’re abusive, cold, distant, controlling and unknowable, ever reliant on the believer for affirmation, devotion, and money. Even going so far as to invade our bedrooms and tell us what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour from two willing, consenting, adults. A relationship with a god is a toxic one. 


We Need to Talk


God, or rather religious devotion, has surely caused war and strife but the great tragedy of religion and god is that even in times of peace we are constantly under assault by self-maintained inherited hatreds, false hopes and learned prejudices. We endlessly hang our hopes and dreams on god ever being disappointed in his apparent lack of concern. We go back time and time again seeking solace in a god we have no evidence exists or is even willing to take action in our lives. Like an orphaned child who comes to find no presence under the tree endlessly returning year after year to see if maybe, this time, Santa has delivered his hearts desire. But there are no presents, not this time, not ever. There never were any to begin with, there was never an option for presents in the first place. You were taken in by a grand illusion that everyone told you was reality because they too believed it.

In the true nature of lust we seek god because we want what we can’t have, to escape death. We try to assuage our fear by telling ourselves god loves but when times are toughest is when god’s absence is most notable. When we’re most alone and desperate for a connection, instead of seeking our neighbor, we grope in dark places for wisdom and power from some mysterious figure never suspecting the whole thing is a setup to a never-ending cycle of failure, suffering, and loss. All designed strip you of your money and your freedom.

“You dear believer are unworthy so straighten up or it’s to the pits with ya.” Religion has to keep you unworthy otherwise there is no pay off, you don’t need them anymore if you’re safe from Hell. That’s why there are so many different sects of religion and they’re all, to the last, convinced they’re the one’s going to bask in the glory of the lords heavenly embrace. You don’t have to worry about going to hell if you tweak the rules and call it an interpretation. Why do you have to worry about going to Hell if you change a bit here and there? After all, you have a personal relationship with god.

So I ask, why not tweak the whole thing? If you believe you speak directly to god, why not just tell god “Hey look man I’m going to be gay and if you really got a problem with that then kill me.” Fuck who you want when you want. Don’t worry about what women do with their bodies. Don’t concern yourself with how god feels about your uncle Dale’s new boyfriend. Don’t let Angela’s desire to eat pork upset you. Don’t worry about who draws Muhammad. Don’t tell people they’re going to Hell or Heaven because it is none of that is any of your concern. No one cares that you have an unrequited love affair with an imaginary being. If they care about you at all they’re concerned that your obsession with pleasing this imaginary, demanding, sociopath is damaging your life.

God is the greatest romanticization of all and as such is the instrument of so much of our pain. Its ruling counterpart, religion, exhaustively abuses any and all power it is given, constantly plowing into our homes unprovoked and uninvited. God, through religion, was forcibly inserted into our language, our society, and yes our relationships, leering at us and leveling accusations of pervert and sinner. Religion is the rape of the mind for the sake of eternity, ever offering the carrot of Heaven and whip of Hell. Our failure lies in not understanding that there is another choice, that religious devotion need not bring explosions to our doorstep or police into our bedrooms. We can face our fear, understand death will happen, and deny both god and religion because neither have merit or evidence.

We can live without imagined prejudice from uninformed desert men. You need not seek god. Instead seek meaning, sense, love and reason. We needn’t devote ourselves to killing, dying for and worshiping one god or another, we can just be and love one another. We can no longer let our gods, our colors or our countries define us. We must define us. With our minds and the choices we make both personally, as a world, and as a species.

Humanity can have a purpose. Life, mine and yours, can have meaning, we just need to assign it. Humanity literally has the power to move mountains and touch planets. This sad, unevidenced, mysterious and cruel “creator” that many call god does not have to define us. We need only understand that we must look not just to our future, but to the future of those born long after our deaths. We must ask ourselves what world would they like? And that is the world we must build. A world where people do not kill each other over whose imaginary friend is more loving. A world where people care more about people than they do gods.

There is a plethora of people on this planet and one of them probably likes you. So the next time you think about a relationship with god, I urge you instead, to go have a real one. One where you can think, feel, touch, and love without having to worry about judgement from god or some old man in a dress screaming about how he hates men in dresses.