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I am Captain Atheist. Yes I know that doesn’t match my screenname, however as the real name is taken and no one who owns those accounts are actually using them anymore I’m taking it. That being said I do live Atheist broadcasts on Periscope, mostly Q+A’s though I talk about current events and do other things such as cook. I’d like to do more for my audience but I need money. I want to do content creation for a living. No I’m not trying to become rich or famous, I just want to spend my days talking about something I care about, people. I see religion as one of the great downfalls of society and I want to show people that. If I can change the mind of just one person than I’ve done my just and made the world that much better of a place. Yeah I know “great just what the internet needs another smarmy, arrogant atheist staring down his nose at the poor helpless theists.” You won’t find that here. Sure I can be arrogant from time to time but so can everyone. However I am far from insincere about what I say, I truly mean it but I will NEVER look at a believer as beneath me, nor anyone else. We all deserve to know the truth even if we don’t want to hear it. That is what I am here to do, I am very much the layman’s atheist. I have no college education that would contribute to my knowledge of the subject. I’m just a normal guy who has spent twenty years having this debate with people and I am quite good at it. It is a conversation that needs to be had, to be treat with seriousness but also with the understanding that people have the right to choose. I am the layman’s atheist and I get that no one will turn loose of their religion just because I say so but I won’t stop either. There are good Christians, Muslims, Jews, etc., etc., and there are bad Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc.. Just like there are bad atheists. I don’t hate the people, I hate the belief. While I may not like your belief but I will fight to ensure that you can make your choice concerning the existence of a god, so long as your choice does not bring harm to others. I also want to show people that not all atheists are spiteful, angry people, looking to belittle religious folks. Don’t get me wrong I’ll make jokes about your god and I might even get in your face some but it will never be done out of malice. Atheists are people too and most of us know exactly how bad it hurts when people single us out just to be mean. Most of us know it exceptionally well.

My argument for why you should become my Patron. Here’s the deal. I’m something of an amusing person, or so people say, and despite everything I said above when it really boils down to it I am an entertainer. Yes my ultimate purpose is help society in some way by combating religion however I’m also a human and I feel it’s not a lot to ask, especially if you like what I have to say. Seriously what’s a couple bucks (or one for that matter) a month? Again I’m not looking to become a millionaire here, I just want to make enough so I can afford an apartment and spend my days talking to you good folks instead of working for some shithead who doesn’t care about me. And what’s more if I can make enough money I can do more cool stuff. I would love to take you guys on trips and go meet other atheists and maybe interview them or simply just have a guest scope. I’d love to do an atheist interview thing where I travel, meet unknown atheists and ask them how they came to their conclusion about the concept of god. That’s right atheists you’d get to tell me your story. As I said before I am interested doing all kinds of cool stuff but I just don’t have the funds. I’ve found what I want to do with my life and I am asking for you, to help me do it. I would do contests and things like too. Honestly it just comes down to if you like what I do it seems completely fair that I ask to be paid. No you don’t have to watch me or even become a patron because I’ll keep doing this whether you help or not but it’ll be easier for me and more entertaining for you if you do. Well I hope some of that sounds appealing because that’s all I have for now.Thanks if you’ve decided to donate and if not well I appreciate you stopping by I hope you come back, if not well then I guess this is goodbye. – Captain Atheist

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