Hello and welcome to Epicurean Pop, I am Captain Atheist and this little beauty, is my blog. I created Epic Pop as a way of showing people what the world looks like without religion colored glasses. I also created as it a kind of secularist news site as well. On this blog I will analyze, compare and assess life with and without religion.

I am here to show you how deeply and subtly religion infects and corrupts from the inside out. I am here to show that religion doesn’t just affect we act, it affects how we think and allows us to dismiss the suffering of others because we are one of gods chosen and the man who lay suffering deserves what he gets because he lacked our faith. I will show you that not only does religion actively promote violence but is one the most divisive forces man has ever created.

I will show you how compassion, truth and kindness will win the day. That secularist values, not religious, lead to true peace and happiness, not everlasting happiness and peace just for this one lifetime. I will show that not having all the answers and certainty that comes with religious faith causes us to examine our lives and those around us, more carefully. To care for our fellow man instead of condemning him as sinner or infidel and leaving him to die. And while I know religion claims that not only are those words inherent in their faiths and the only way to be kind, compassionate and truthful is through an irresponsible father figure I will show that not only is this not the case but it is an outright lie. I will show that you cannot find a peace, love and happiness with religions that authorizes violence, demeans women, claims homosexuality is evil and uses the threat of violence to coerce conformity and secure submissiveness.

As the blog is still in its infancy and I am its sole author (for now) this will be a long process with many changes and challenges. Before I can even get to assessing and interpreting news, science and politics I must first establish my identity. Which is what I have been doing so far. My intent is take this blog as far as it will let me, and if I can, I am going to use this blog to change the minds of millions of people world wide. No I don’t pull any punches nor do I aim low, I’m out for the kill and I’ve sharpened the blade of my mind to a razors edge.

I know changing the mind of one believer is one thing but changing the minds of the masses strung out on god and false hope is a herculean task that I know very many of you will scoff at. I know I can do it, not to perfection of course, but even if I can change the minds of just a few then I have at least I’ve done something. Don’t mistake me though, I’m not out to build an some sort of atheist empire nor am I trying to become competition for major news sites (though my ego pants heavily at the idea). I’m not out for fame or fortune, I’m simply out save as many lives as I can. I know full well how corrosive religion can be, I’ve watched it work it’s subtle magic for twenty years now and I’m often reminded of the movie “They Live.” Only a special few can see while the others walk by oblivious to whips of their invisible masters. (Look up a video clip not the wiki).

As the site begins to grow I will be taking on collaborators and contributors. I know I’m not alone in my desire to see religion relegated to a poorly conceived belief and I urge you to communicate with me. If you’re already where I’m at then please give me a follow and share my work whenever you feel its prudent. While I won’t do the follow for follow thing, as I feel it’s a dishonest to potential readers, I will at the very least come and check out your page. If it’s to my liking, even if it’s not a subject or blog I like I will follow you, especially if you’re a good writer. I love English and if you write well you should be recognized for that.

Welcome to Epicurean Pop. Whether you’re atheist or theist, friend or foe, I am glad you’re here. While we might not agree on our ideologies I do truly hope you don’t leave this site angry or bitter. Know that I do care about you and while I don’t respect your choice I do respect your right to choose, I ask that you give me the same respect. If you take nothing else away from my site take this:

Your greatest enemy, your greatest detractor, the one who makes your blood boil and your ire rise, he too is human. He has dreams and hopes, he loves and shares, he succeeds and fails, he fears and weeps, he has family and friends, for he too is human. We all search for truth and meaning, and what means most to you is not what means most to your neighbor. We all must find our own way because there is no path, just a forest without end. We walk the forest because that is the journey, the only journey we’ll ever take and it’s shorter and more dangerous than you can possibly imagine. So for now come warm yourself by my fire, we can speak of gods and men, of times of old and times to come, of friends gone and foes bested. And when the time comes we can douse the fire, shake hands and depart equals, for we too are human. I’m glad you were here.

Never stop asking questions. – Captain Atheist