welcome II
(Sorry for using this twice but I always post this for new atheists unfortunately my theme causes issues on a computer screen)

I’m Glad You’re Here

As a recent addition to this site I’ve been reading it fairly often, taking in opinions and, in general, getting a feel for the attitude of the site. I felt this was important as the intent of my blog is to provide sociological and comparative analysis through the eyes of a godless person. I read a few good blogs here and there but what stood out to me about many of the religious posts is that people, especially young people, are having a hard time adding up religion and reality. This is for a variety of reasons but I will explain this at a later time as this post is about welcoming those new to atheism, welcoming those who are already atheist and letting everyone, especially the curious, know that they too are welcome at Epicurean Pop.

I get that this, to some degree, is a strange kind of notion as atheism is not a religion and religion, despite what I might say on the matter, isn’t considered an affliction. That said I feel that sometimes the atheist community can not only be daunting but, to put it bluntly, full of assholes. Am I one of those assholes? You bet. Suffice it to say sometimes it comes with the territory when you scoff at religion; some people don’t like it when you make fun of a deity they’ve believed in their whole lives. This isĀ not why I am here.

I am here to facilitate the transition into reality and to shine light on the areas that get left behind in the religion/atheism debate, mostly the people. That’s why I’m doing this, not for the likes or comments or the discussion, or even because I enjoy writing. I am doing this because so many people are letting a belief in god cripple them, literally bringing them to their knees. And I want it to stop yesterday. The only way to do this is by helping people see that, telling them that it’s OK to say no to that life and that they don’t have to be afraid of retribution just for being who they are. You won’t find damnation here.

The Door

I’m sure many of you will be happy to note this paragraph is short. Because it’s exactly what it sound like. Come on in! Please ask anything you like here. I want people to be curious and wonder why I say the things I do. If you hate what I’ve said, tell me. I will be making a Facebook page for this site soon and you will be able to contact me there as well but on a more personal level (I will add it here when I create it*).** Also I welcome you to send me your blogs and leave comments, even if they’re negative. Everyone is welcome here.

The Hand

I am here to help. No matter what else, that is my purpose. I’m sure I won’t be able to help as much as I like but if I help one person with something I write, than I have, at least to some degree, succeeded. I want you to know I can help you ease the pain of trying to conform to a hateful ideology and guide you to the reality, that god is not only paradoxical but impractical.

All we have is each other, and if you’re alone, and you feel like god has turned his back on you. You belong here. If you can’t understand why god would inflict such twisted pain on you. You belong here. If none of it makes sense no matter how hard you try to make it fit. You belong here. If your friends mock you and your family disowns you. You belong here. Here you can take solace in knowing that myself and many (hopefully) of my readers know exactly how you feel. You are not alone and you don’t have to be alone. Together we can change peoples minds and that, ladies and gentlemen, changes the world.

Welcome to Epicurean Pop. Welcome to reality. Welcome to real freedom. I’m glad you’re here.- Capt.


*Note: I would, at some point, like to get together a team of writers to cover various areas of interest. I’m particularly interested in taking on some of the political subjects however it’s not my only area of interest, nor would I expect it to be yours. If you’re interested leave your blog in the comments with a short message concerning your interest. I would prefer atheist/agnostic writers though I am not so foolish as to exclude my fellow writers of faith. Please understand that while I welcome even negative opinions, what I do not welcome is your religion. I will not be taking any writers hoping to play god’s advocate (see what I did there?). Furthermore, any writer I take as a collaborator will refrain from expressing pro-religious views while writing with me, unless approved me. I respect people, not their ideologies, especially when they cause harm.

**WARNING: Severe foul language and mockery towards basically every religion and god will be found on my personal page. If this makes you uncomfortable please remain on either EPop’s Facebook or WordPress page. Anyone found or even suspected of trolling or false reporting will be banned without question or concern. Thank You.- Capt.